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Phone: 615-450-4574

Why you should contact us:

IC.Electric provides outstanding and quality service to our customers who need electricians Gallatin TN. We want to make it extremely easy for you to get your project done as quickly and professionally as possible. This is why we offer several ways to reach out to us, and we are active to respond to messages and calls concerning your electrical project. Your time is important to us, and we know that many electrical issues must be done as promptly as possible. When you reach out to us as your Gallatin Electricians, we will assist you in figuring out your electrical problems over the phone or messaging, and when we determine what must be done, we will walk you through the necessary steps to take. If you need more assistance, we can send estimates over via phone, email, or text depending on your preferred method of communication, so you can take the necessary steps to get your project started. We cover all the bases when we come to fix an issue and we make sure that you are pleased and can rest assured that everything is fixed and resolved. You do not have to worry about us being too hasty or sloppy with our work. We always clean things up after our job is done and make sure you are pleased and satisfied with a job well done.


Who should contact us:

Call IC Electric for any of your electricians Gallatin TN needs. Are you building a new home or are you just adding on a deck or garage and need some out-door plugs and landscape lights? Do you want to get your hot tub installed? You may even have a greenhouse or outbuilding you want to have power. We also offer solar and back up generators in order to have power when the utility power is out. Perhaps you have a plug that keeps tripping in your house and you need it checked out, or you need to bring your old house up to code or get a new panel.

IC Electric can help with any of your needs. Did you just buy an electric vehicle? We can set up an EV charger for you too. We are trained in all of these areas and are constantly retraining in the newest equipment. We are your local, Gallatin TN electricians for all of your electrical and solar needs. We work with customers all of the time that have unique requests, and we truly want what is most functional, practical, and helpful for you, while also meeting every code requirement and making sure your home is safe and secure. We are licensed and insured, and know that in order to succeed, you must do things properly and safely. If you are building a new home, we will work with both you and your contractor to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want while keeping you informed during the process. We will walk you through each step of each phase, while explaining pros and cons to your decisions and making sure you get what you want while also meeting every safety requirement.


What to expect when you contact us:

We understand that projects can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we make things easy to understand for our customers. We’ve been down this road before and are familiar with the unknowns. When you want something done, you can reach out to us several different ways. We want you to be able to contact us as efficiently as possible, so you can get a prompt response. If you’re a contractor looking for a electricians Gallatin TN for multiple homes you’re building, we’re here for you. If you are a home-owner looking for someone to install your ceiling fans or under counter lights, feel free to call or text. If you are a business owner needing new outlets for your office, just send us a message or call and we can answer your questions. We want to help you get your projects done like you want them done. When you first reach out to us we will need you to provide us with an overview of the projects that you wish to complete. We will verify your information, see where you are located, and even determine what kind of budget you have. We do our best to work within our customer’s budget. We will even provide alternate options to choose from. We will walk you through a plan, a timeline of how long the project will take, and an estimate of the cost, including a breakdown of each task as well as the materials needed. We are committed to finishing what we start, and making sure that you are pleased the service you receive from us. Throughout the process we will contact local utilities and handle all of the complicated permits and inspections that may be required. We even do all of our own trenching and excavating so you don’t have hire another company to. Before the job is complete, we will do a final walk through to make sure that every aspect of the work is done to your complete satisfaction.

When you use us for your electricians Gallatin TN needs, you will never want to use anyone else. The majority of our business comes from customers that use us time and time again. Most of our customers continue to call us for their future projects and needs. We are reliable and professional, but also personable and easy to communicate with. We have many reviews from our happy and satisfied customers expressing that have had great experiences using us as their electricians.


Where we work

The Middle of Tennessee is where we call home so naturally it is the place we do our electricians Gallatin TN business. On and off the job we’re interacting with our community and desire to build relationships with local businesses and residents. Home base is out of Hartsville Tennessee but you will find us working from Nashville to Cookeville. We work throughout Sumner, Putnam, Smith, Trousdale, Wilson, and Davidson County area.

Working close with the area we live allows us to be at your local in a times notice. The material we purchase is all from local business. Future customers are able to see our work showcased from previous jobs close to their home.

We love Tennessee and all our beautiful state stands for.


When should you reach out to us?

Our electricians Gallatin TN care about the customers needs and we want your vision to come true. Before you begin your project or during your project if you have just discovered us. Call us when you’re experiencing electrical issues especially before they become a hazardous! Were available weekdays from 7:00 – 5:00 & Saturday from 7:00 – 12:00